Latest Art Trail news:
Bafa’s next exhibition, 18th & 19th November at Buckingham Community Centre, will focus on the theme of “Revive! Restore! Renew!” as set by Buckingham University Medical School. This is linked to the university’s Buckingham Collective project which aims, through the medium of art, to bring together medicine, art history and the community. For the first year of this project, the chosen topic is Diabetes Mellitus. The project aims to spread education about diabetes and encourage understanding of the disease through art. Art from the Royal Latin School, alongside other commissioned pieces will be incorporated into an Exhibition at the Medical School in November 2017 alongside World Diabetes Day. There will also be an online exhibition curating the project and developing a further understanding of the relationship between art, medicine and the community.

Iain Hodgkinson - Printmaker - at the Dragon Gallery as featured artist, mid July to mid September.
Dragon Gallery Aug2017

The Bafa Art Trail will form part of MK Arts Week, 30th September - 8th October
MK Arts Week